Meet The Team

Jenn Powell | Founder

I started this business in 2018 as a Virtual Assistant business. I have worked with such a variety of people, from independent tattoo artists, women-led business startups, large-scale education companies, finance CEO’s and podcast producers.

I spent 10 years working in Social Services where I helped reconnect families. When I decided to leave the industry to start this business I made the commitment to support my clients in a different fashion but with the same goals. I wanted to help people get their time back.

Running a business involves SO many ‘busy’ things. Booking meetings, client follow-up, to-do lists, emails, creating processes, data analysis. All these little things add up to massive amounts of your time that is taken out of your poductivity. You started your business because you were great at something. Well I’m great at turning your ‘busy’ into my productivity and giving you your time back.

I’ve put a lot of focus and drive behind expanding the services I can offer our clients. My goal is to create a full service team of people who share the same values and have the same drive to help others reconnect with their love for their businesses.

Create better work/life balance. Create that new product you’ve been putting off. Land that new client. Create that new revenue stream. Your potential is infinite when you are given the time to be prosper in your business!

Tammi Shoemaker | Admin/Accounting & HR

I have spent my entire working life serving others in several different capacities.  After graduating from high school, I began a career as a secretary to a Nursing Administrator in a hospital.  My duties included all secretarial roles as well as specialized skills in scheduling nursing staff and operating room nurses, writing policies/procedures for each nursing department, and transcription of medical information from doctors.

After 12 years, I followed my entrepreneurial drive and opened a retail flower/gift shop.  This endeavor required me to become a “jack of all trades” so to speak, in that I had to learn all aspects of the business including designing floral arrangements, plant care, purchasing and receiving various giftware items based on our client’s needs/interests, managing cash flow, scheduling staffing, learning bookkeeping/banking/budgeting, organizing and planning for peak holiday seasons (which were the driving force of this type of retail business).  It was during this 15-year operation that I developed my customer service and managerial skills.  I was the proud recipient of the “Businesswoman of the Year” awarded by the local Chamber of Commerce.

After moving to Alberta, I was recruited by an insurance company for an Accounts Payable/ Receivable position.  In addition to AR/AP, my duties included Direct Billing, GL Account Coding, and Account/Bank Reconciliations.  This position gave me a great understanding of the accounting principles required for these positions.  This is when I discovered I really enjoy all aspects of accounting.

Following this role, I was recruited to a position with a Remote Workforce Accommodation Company.  This position was very diverse and included duties as:  Assistant Office Manager, HR Management (maintaining employee records, new hires, benefits, WCB, Terminations), Payroll for hourly and salaried employees, processing monthly employee expense report, AR/AP, Processed Cheque Runs.  I became the in-house trainer for the booking/reservation software system for all remote camps and trained all new hires on the operation of the system.  Liaison with all paying companies with reservations at our camps including collections when necessary.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it pushed me forward into the Virtual world where I can utilize my vast knowledge to continue to help others but still maintain a personal life with my husband, 3 children, and their families – especially time with my 5 amazing grandchildren.

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Powell Prosperity team currently offers Social Media services based on client needs. Dedicated Social Media Strategist coming soon.

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